2 Gennaio 2019
2 Gennaio 2019

Gallura is like an island in the island. It shares many cultural and natural aspects with the rest of Sardinia, but its geographic position made it a bridgehead to Corsica, with which it shares many other features. Through the Strait of Bonifacio Sardinia and Corsica have exchanged plants, animals, people, goods and knowledge. Gallura is the result of these inserts.

Its territory extends as far as we find the stazzi, the traditional residential and production units that form its ample rural archipelago. They are made of big wooded areas and pasture lands, organized around arable lands, vineyards, gardens, barns and the typical house of the stazzo.

Until a few years ago, the stazzi were self-sufficient farms, tied by strong bonds based on the social values of hospitality, solidarity, and mutuality. As a matter of fact, people organised their work to harvest grapes alternately, so that they could count on the reciprocal help of all their neighbours: a heavy labour turned into a pleasant chance to meet, talk, eat together, dance and create new bonds of friendship and love. This tradition still goes on at the Sassu vineyards.