2 Gennaio 2019
2 Gennaio 2019

We Sardinians have been turning grapes into wine for 3,500 years. In many nuraghes all over the island the archaeologists found charred grape seeds, winemaking equipment and very elegant wine jars. Sardinian jars and amphoras have been found in Crete, Carthage, Sicily, and Andalusia and it is reasonable to assume that even their heady content was Sardinian. After all, a large and ancient island that traded with all Mediterranean civilisations must have shared products and costumes with them. The fact that for millennia Sardinia has given, received, and mixed grapevines, is testified also by the Romans in their definition of the island: Sardinia insula vini.

Over the last decades, Sardinian viticulture and winemaking made great strides, giving the world high-quality, unique wines. The most well-known and appreciated are doubtlessly the Cannonau di Sardegna doc and the Vermentino di Gallura docg. It is not by chance that Sassu Vini decided to start their adventure exactly with these two “princes” among wines. But the adventure goes on! We are experimenting with ancient Sardinian varieties to produce wines that we look forward to offering to you.