The vineyard

2 Gennaio 2019
2 Gennaio 2019

The vineyard of the Sassu family is located in the vast countryside of Luras, a land with a great viticultural potential, located on a hill overlooking the waters of the L’Iscia Lake, at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level.
The property extends over an area of 2,5 hectares and has about 10,000 grapevines, planted in 1976.
Our vines are espalier-trained according to the single guyot pruning system. Summer pruning is particularly strict because we look for low-quantity but high-quality yields.

Altitude and westerly exposure offer the vineyard to the gusting mistral wind that blows away humidity and preserves plants and fruits from developing moulds. Thanks to these favourable conditions we can treat our grapevines only with copper and sulphur.

Soil management is limited to traditional tillage, milling and organic fertilization.
We are eager to leave the gates of our vineyards open to those who appreciate our products, so that they can experience in person the care and the respect we have for our plants, plots and environment.