The label

2 Gennaio 2019
2 Gennaio 2019

The screen print label of Sassu wines was designed by Augusto Morbiducci in 2015 and stands for an open vineyard seen from an elevated plane. The bottle base is embellished with a band recalling the colours and the geometric wefts of Gallura’s traditional orbace carpets.

We wanted to represent our philosophy through our label. Our dearest values are there, on the top left, where the line of boundary becomes interrupted. To us, this threshold means openness, hospitality, mutuality, and sharing. Our frontier is ancient and hard, but is only symbolic: it is easy to cross, just like the dry wall of our vineyard.

Just like the waterfront of our island: a line that protects us, but that is also a harbour which has always seen men, plants, and animals coming and going, exchanging and mixing. We work hard to make our mind like an open island, like the Mediterranean, and like Sardinia, Gallura, and Luras, our vineyard, and like the bottles of Biancosassu and Rossosassu that we crack open to toast to you.