The label
2 Gennaio 2019
The vineyard
2 Gennaio 2019

Sassu wines are the fulfilment of the dream of a young producer, Luca Depperu Sassu, born in 1991. In 2013, in the midst of economic recession, Luca did not become disheartened by the lack of work opportunities and decided not to leave the island, to remain in the small town of Luras, and dedicate to a sector that is increasingly neglected: agriculture. He thus practised agriculture in perfect sintony with his own ideals and feelings: respect for and love of nature and the traditions of his land. This is how Luca resumes the old vineyard, with the important support of some of his family members and the priceless advice of the elderly: limited use of chemistry and low yields, in order to have long-lived vines and high-quality grapes.

But Luca is conscious that mere passion would not be enough to make him a good entrepreneur. Thus, his studies, his constant updating, his attention to image and communication, his heated debates with the technicians and researchers, whom he relies on to develop his idea of a traditional and at the same time modern company. He bets everything on two grape varieties and, defying the market trends, he chooses to vinify and offer single varietal wines. That is how, in 2016, Rossosassu and Biancosassu were born.