The vineyard
2 Gennaio 2019
2 Gennaio 2019

Every good glass of wine tells a long story that has its roots in a territory and in a community, always unique and never-to-be repeated. In this case we are talking about Luras, a small and ancient hamlet rising up on the slopes of Mount Limbara, which extends into the heart of Gallura.

Luras, too, is an open island: surrounded by Gallurese-speaking towns (Gallurese is the Sardinian-Corsican language spoken in Gallura), the people from Luras maintained the Sardinian language, enriching it with words, forms and idioms that are typical of the Gallurese language.

It is also often said that this depends on the fact that people from Luras have always been skilful merchants who travelled all over the island and thus needed to speak the most common language.
Now our wines travel the world too. Even so, we are still deeply rooted in the territory and in the community of Luras, where we draw strength to expand with balance. In this, we are inspired by the patriarch that lives in a nearby meadow: S’Ozastru de Santu Baltólu, a monumental wild olive that looks at us sternly and kindly from the height of its 4,000 years.